Pet Safe Huntington Beach

Pet / Child Safe Gopher Removal keeping the dogs and children safe in Huntington Beach with a 60 DAY GUARANTEE !

Rodent Guys Gopher Control for residential jobs requires no poison bait and is kid safe and Huntington Beach.  These methods have better effeciency than poison and is not dangerous to your family, dogs, wild life or the environment.

Our normal pet safe service for Huntington Beach:

  • Set traps
  • Flatten gopher mounds
  • Remove gophers from traps (typcially 1-7 days after set)
  • Re-set gopher traps if necessary
  • Inject carbon monoxide into tunnels as secondary treatment
  • Return trips if required during guarantee period
  • Return trips to Huntington Beach normally between 1 and 4 days

Set Traps for pet safe gopher control in Huntington Beach, Ca

The gopher traps are placed down in the gopher tunnels and are lethal gopher traps.  The business end of the trap is put far into the tunnel out of the reach of children and dogs.  For a pet to reach a trap it would require it to dig it out.  Since we do not use attractants gophers pets usually pay no attention to the gopher traps.

Our pet safe gopher control for Huntington Beach is poison free and the highest effectivness technique you can perfrom.  Once we place the gopher traps the gopher mounds will be knocked down.  This makes the landscape look nicer making it easier to see additional signs of gophers.

The gopher traps will be kept in the gopher tunnels for one to seven days depending on schedule, weather and technician recomendation.  Sufficient time is given for the gopher to find their way to the traps ensuring good effeciency prior to returning to remove gophers.

When we come to pick up gophers we will access the sign of gophers and determine if we set traps or continue with the next method of control.  Our next phase of control is carbon monoxide.

Phase II – Carbon Monoxide | pet safe gopher control for Huntington Beach, CA

Once the trapping has killed 90-100% of the gopher population we change up to our carbon monoxide units.  These engines inject elevated levels of carbon monoxide into the tunnels leading to the gopher’s tunnels and burrow.  This method is excellent for killing pups in the burrow and any other gophers sharing the same tunnel system.  The best part it is a pet safe and effective method in Huntington Beach, CA.

Another advantage is at times these engines can kill gophers on the neighbors properties that are sharing the tunnels of the gophers on your property.  By using two techniques with totaly differenty methods of eliminating gophers it gives a 100% effeciency.  That is why we back up our pet safe control in Huntington Beach with a 45-day guarantee.

Rodent Guys pet safe gopher control guarantee for Huntington Beach

Rodent Guys standard guarantee is sixty days.  The guarantee Rodent Guys offer is that any gopher activity observed during the guarantee period is re-treated at no additional charge.  This covers if we miss a gopher and need to come and take care of it or if weeks later a nieghboring gopher enters into your property.

Rodent Guys carries insurance and proper licensing for your assurance and services Huntington Beach, CA.  Our pet safe gopher eradication is proven and effective.  Although our techniques take a better trained employee to perform they are simply the best.  That is why we have the best guarantee of any gopher service.

pet safe gopher control and removal for Huntington Beach, CA

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